Welcome to Suki

Welcome to Suki

Welcome to Suki

My early life was consumed with music, art and dance. My parents supported my creative side and encouraged me to explore it all. I first conceived the idea of showcasing fine art on handbags in 2002.

I was sitting at my easel and thought, how can I make art more accessible… art on Handbags…and I never looked back. After making Suki Saks and seeing my customer’s faces when they received their special creation confirmed, I was on the right path. They felt like they were buying something that expressed their unique personality. I decided to broaden the company by purchasing other artists’ works. I couldn't keep up and why try when their are so many fabulous artists in the world who need exposure.

I do all the personalized commissions for you.

I’ve always wanted the four corners of my world to be filled with beauty and art, architecture gorgeous fabrics and artistic people. I moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980’s and took up drawing while getting my bachelors in business at Cal State Northridge. Living in California was a perfect fit, having lush sub tropical surroundings filled me with a grounding contentment. Their were so many opportunities to explore.

I decided to move to Taipei Taiwan on a modeling offer and I thought… okay this is going to be an adventure of a lifetime. I broadened artistically. I started modeling for local Chinese clothing manufactures. Christian Dior, Sporto and many other local manufactures, I met and hung out back then with friends that became famous, such as French designer Barbara Rihl. Daily life was fun. I married a Chinese Rock star, which put me into opportunities to see some of the most amazing homes and gorgeous hotels… life was one exciting moment after the other. Living life in a city of Eleven million created culture and I had time to accomplish so many things. Imagine never driving and taking taxi’s everyday. The books I read, the time seemed endless back then.

Traveling to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and different parts of Malaysia. Being exposed Asian architecture was magical. Moving to a foreign country was the best thing that happened to me. It opened me up as a person it caused me to feel their where no limits to where I could go in life. I traveled all over S.E. Asia for 7 years and opened an export company and exported lingerie and hosiery to Los Angeles. My mandarin's not to bad to date, I keep my practice tapes going in knowing I will go back for more adventures. I spent 11 years traveling and working in Los Angeles and Abroad.

Never a dull moment for me, but I was getting tired, the truth, I was a workaholic and multitasking can become mentally tiring. As I rounded the corner to my mid 30’s I felt the need to slow down. I moved back to my family home in Albuquerque New Mexico and found a desire to have a relationship and start a family. Seeking more peaceful moments and it happened, moving to the high desert will relax just about anyone, it’s really a place of spiritual reflection. I found a strong pull towards painting. I started a 4-year study program under three great artists Louis Maestas Susan Lange Marshall and Zhang Wen Xin. I became an artist’s apprentice and painted everyday for years and I haven’t stopped yet.

The road of life does twist and turn and keeping a strong direction for the things I love to do has made my path a happy one. I will keep on painting and creating Suki Saks. I will keep on bathing myself in the love of my friends and beauty of making art… until another transformation takes place…who knows it could be a big city or an ocean village in Thailand.

For now living so close to the Sandia Mountians in Albuquerque is nice. New Mexico feels good, I’m home... for now.

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