Welcome to Suki

Welcome to Suki

Welcome to Suki

Follow these easy steps and you're on your way!

IMPORTANT: Every time you click on an "Add to Cart" or a "Select" button you will be sent to the Paypal Checkout. On the Paypal Checkout screen, you will need to click on "Continue Shopping" each time you make a selection until you have finalized all 5 steps and choices in your cart. You may want to copy this page or take a quick photo.

Here is the Suki Sak ordering process:
Step 1.  Add to Cart: Choose a shape/size
Step 2.  Select: Fabric
Step 3.  Select: Painting
Step 4a. Select: Strap
Step 4b. Answer question about beads
Step 5.  Read some important FAQs and proceed to checkoust.

Please give us 14 to 21 days to create and ship your custom Suki Sak. You may call 505.508.8893 to check on the progress of your order.

Step 1 Choose a Suki Sak shape and size. Below are the basic shapes, sizes and prices to select from.

After choosing a Suki Sak or Laptop/Tablet Sak, click "Add to Cart"

Add to Cart Size/Shape Suki Sak

Laptop or Tablet Shape/size

Small Clutch
7.5" wide x 6" tall x 2" deep

Small Squarish
8" wide x 7" tall x 2" deep

Small A-line
9" wide x 5" deep at bottom
3" wide at opening

Small Cylinder
11" wide x 4" tall x 4" deep

Medium Square
10" wide x 10" tall x 3.5" deep

Medium A-line
11" wide x 10" tall x 6" deep base
and 4" wide at the top opening

Medium Cylinder
6" wide x 6" tall x 12" long

Large Tote - Rectangle
13.5" wide x 15" tall x 5.5" deep

Large Tote - Squarish
15" wide x 13" tall

Large Tote - V-Line
15" wide x 14" tall x 5" base
and 6" opening at top

Small Laptop Sak
6.8" wide x 10.5" tall x 2.5" deep

Medium Laptop Sak
14" wide x 8.5" tall x 3" deep

Large Laptop Sak
16.7" wide x 9.5" tall x 3.5" deep

Small Tablet Sak
5" wide x 8" tall x 1" deep

Medium Tablet Sak
8" wide x 11.5" tall x 1.5" deep

Large Tablet Sak
8.5" wide x 13" tall x 1.5" deep

For a Small, Medium or Large Sak:

For a Laptop or Tablet Sak:
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